100th Anniversary of the Czech Science

CRI employees participated in the 100th anniversary of the Czech science in the framework of the Researchers’ Night which took place in the National Museum of Agriculture on the 5th November 2018.

The event presented our programme ranging from the fields of genetic plant resources, preservation of microorganisms, drone aerial imagery, to grapevine production or cryopreservation in the scope of which we showed the following hands-on exhibition:
• “Methods of plant preservation as a source of food for future generations”
• “How a gene is found”
• “The Gene bank – a seed treasury”
• “Why and how to preserve microorganisms for future generations”
• “Airborne to peer beyond the visible” (a drone show)
• “The grapevine – the queen of all plants” (“in vitro” glass grapevine production)
• “The cryobank – preservation of plants in ultralow temperatures”
The Researchers‘ Night is a public event with the aim of facilitating the access to science and technology to the wide public. Based on the European Commission initiative, it has been taking place annually since 2005. Hundreds of scientific and research workplaces including the universities open their gates all around Europe in the evening hours of a day on the verge of September and October so that the public may enjoy an opportunity to experience the science by literally all their senses.
742 visitors opened the door of the National Museum of Agriculture this year to spend a truly entertaining evening. A footage of the “Researchers’ Night” is accessible on TV Zemědělec.

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