Within the CRI Counselling Centre are consulting services in the form of free consultations, provided within the framework of the „Consultancy aid in agriculture“ grant program of the Ministry of Agriculture. Therefore, at the counselling centre one can turn to assistants who can handle or transmit your inquiry further or directly to the experts from the individual divisions, teams, and stations according to their area of focus and expertise.
Besides the free consultations, we also offer paid services, such as: soil and plant testing of varietal authenticity and determination of constituent contents in grain cereals (see the annex and current price list); special analyses of plant materials; diagnosis of various forms of pathogens, particularly on cereals, vegetables, fruit trees, grape vines and hops; GMO detection in plant materials; testing of varietal authenticity; determination of substances in grains; registration experiments with pesticide products; and many others.
The Counselling Centre employees can also provide workshops, seminars, etc. for outside entities. At the Praha – Ruzyně facility there is a hall for 100 people and a smaller lounge for about 30 people, with all the necessary equipment (projector, screen, sound system, etc.).
Another form of research results transferred into practice are lectures at seminars and the organization of field days, also the publishing of technical publications and methodologies for use in practice or State Administration.
Consultancy in the field of agricultural production and environmental protection
The main objective of the CRI Counselling Centre is the coordination of advisory activities of the Institute, and support for the transfer of research results into production, consulting, design, and pedagogical practice in accordance with the approved concept of consulting with the Ministry of Agriculture.
The CRI Counselling Centre cooperates in the transfer of results to other staff of the Institute either directly or through designated advice guarantors from the individual scientific divisions. The Counselling Centre supports the active transfer of research and development results on the basis of knowledge gained from research plans and projects. The scope of the work also includes information transfers via the consulting and advisory services of the Centre’s workers. Feedback is also important, providing mapping of the needs in agricultural practice. The most effective forms of transfers besides consultancy and advisory activities include lectures and other presentations at professional seminars, workshops, training courses, field days, days of professional discussions, etc.