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   Collection of Rhizobia


•    History 
Culture collection of soil microorganisms is maintained since 1948 .In the last 20 years the collection has been directed to specialize in bacteria cultures of Rhizobium, Bradyrhizobium and
Sinorhizobium spp.Culture collection is enriched by several strains of the Azotobacter spp.
      The collection of tropical and subtropical rhizobia of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Institute of Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture) was added to the Collection of Rhizobia in 1996.
      Rhizobia are bakteria able to fix atmospheric nitrogen in symbiosis with legumes, Azotobacter spp.  are beneficial free-living nitrogen fixers.

  •    Characterization of collection
      Presently the collection contains 510 strains of Rhizobium spp.and 28 strains of Azotobacter spp.

•    Methods of culture maintenance
Cultures are maintained both on the pea agar slants (or YEM agar slants) and as freeze dried.
Besides the maintenance of cultures in the collection isolations of new  rhizobia strains from legume plants cultivated under field condition are realized. All the  microbiological works are practised under sterile conditions in the laboratory or in the flow-box. The usual working methods and safety rules are adhered.

•   Activities, services
Research activities are focused in identifying of nitrogenase aktivity and effectiveness of different rhizobial strains in symbiosis with selected species of legumes. Resarch of Azotobacter spp. is directed at usability in the soil inoculations and increasing the soil fertility.  The catalogue is published 1x 3 years.  




Cultures Collection of Rhizobia is a member of Federation of Czech and Slovak Culture Collections (FCCM) since 1969. 
     One hundred of selected strains is registered in World Catalogue of Rhizobium Collections,
(F.A.Skiner, E.Hamatová, V.McGovan: World Catalogue of Rhizobium Collection, ed.
V.B.D.Skerman, 1983, FAO/UNESCO).

     Cultures Collection of Rhizobia serve for institutions dealing with symbiotic nitrogen fixation.
In the Department of Soil Biology, strains from collection are used for research by T.Šimon and
O. Mikanová. Strains are cultivated also for other department and research stations of  Crop Research Institute. The collection supplies cultures for scientiffic and pedagogical purposes.

    There are assistance aktivity and consultancy for the Czech company producing inoculants and biofertilizers. (Farma Žiro, s.r.o., Nehvizdy).


Culture Collection of Rhizobia is maintained in Division of Crop Managmenet Systems, Agricultural Soil Science and Pedobiology in Crop Research Institute in Prague – Ruzyně, Drnovská 507.

RNDr. Veronika Řezáčová, Ph.D.  233 022 308 (curator)

Ing.Tomáš Šimon, CSc.      233 022 253


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