The Czech National Programme on Conservation and Utilization of Microbial Genetic Resources Important for Agriculture

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Collection of agriculturally important fungi


•    History
The collection was found in the 90-thies of the twenty century. Since this time Dr. Jiřina Krátká, Dr. Eliška Sychrová and Dr. Michaela Zemánková participated on the direction and focusing of it. Dr. David Novotný is the current head and curator of the collection.

•    Characterization of collection
phytopathogenic and potentially phytopathogenic, mycotoxinogenic and potentially mycotoxinogenic fungi (except biotrophic species), edible and medicinal mushroom grown by Czech farmers, about 300 strains, especially from groups Deuteromycota, Ascomycota a Basidiomycota, antibodies against some phytopathogenic fungi – about 15 items

•    Activities, services
collect, maintain and preserve cultures
supply cultures
provide information on strains in the collection
conservation fungi genetic resources
consultation services on cultivation, isolation, identification and preservation of filamentous fungi
diagnostic, microbiological, morphological physiological and biochemical characterization of phytopathogenic, entomopathogenic, nematophagous, mycotoxinogenic and endophytic fungi important for agriculture and safety agriculture commodities and foodstuff (especially fungi of fruit and forest trees, energetic crops, cereals, edible and medicinal mushrooms)

•    Methods of culture maintenance
storage under mineral oil on an agar slant; in low temperature


Supply of cultures of filamentous fungi
Identification of filamentous fungi, including isolation and purification of cultures
Expert opinion activities in ecology of microscopic fungi
Deposit of strains of filamentous fungi subject to patent application according to the national rules
Safe deposit of customers´ cultures


Crop Research Institute Prague
Drnovská 507
161 06 Praha 6 – Ruzyně

RNDr. David Novotný PhD. (curator), 233022373, 233022358
Jitka Dunaiová

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