The Czech National Programme on Conservation and Utilization of Microbial Genetic Resources Important for Agriculture

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Collection of Fruit Trees and Small Fruit Viruses


•   Characterization of collection
In collection are preserved the most incident viruses and phytoplasmas of  fruit arts (apple – ApMV, ACLSV, ASGV, ASPV, CPm; pear - ACLSV, ASGV, ASPV, CPp; plum – ACLSV, PPV, PDV, PNRSV; sweet and sour cherry - ACLSV, PDV, PNRSV), some small fruits viruses (raspberry - CLRV, RBDV)

•    Activities/research activities, services
 care of collection  – cutting, fertilizing, watering at plants cultivated in glasshouse
 regularly passage on fresh medium at elements cultivated in culture in vitro

  Preservation methods
a part of collection is preserved in cultivation containers with standard soil substrate in collection-glasshouse
a part of collection is preserved in tissue culture in vitro in Erlenmeyer flasks on agar medium in cultivation box

•   Quality system
quality system is not available, the work is regulated with manual of safety work and work manual in own laboratory

•  Registration in international and national organizations (WFCC, ECCO, FCCM), other international activities
  the collection is not registred in international system, the international activities are not accomplished

Utilization of collection:

•    Utilization of strains
positive controls for testing of nursery material
providing of stems for research intention

•    Users, clients
Laboratory of Research and Breeding Institute of Pomology Holovousy Ltd.
Laboratory of Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture Brno


VŠÚO Holovousy, s.r.o.
RNDr. Markéta Bohunická, Ph.D. (curator)
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