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  Collection of edible and medicinal macromycetes 


•    History
Collection was established in 2006 as a collection of diaspores – spores, sclerotia, etc., but mostly sporeprints, with the goal to create the original set of accessions of edible and/or medicinal species of fungi autochthonous for the Central Europe. Since 2008, the collection has been a part of the National Programme on Protection of Genetic Resources of Economically Significant Microorganisms and Tiny Animals.

•   Characterization of collection
Our goal is to create a specialised mycological collection focused on acquisition and conservation of genetically homogenous cultures of autochthonous species of macromycetes potentially important for both private and commercial cultivations, and on support of newly developing horticultural mycotechnologies. Recently, totally 130 strains are included in the collection. The species of family Morchellaceae are the most numerous, the other strains belong to edible and/or medicinal Basidiomycetes.

•    Methods of culture maintenance
Isolates are maintained as mycelial cultures on rye grains or malt extract agar with glucose in refrigerator, and under cryopreservation in the Central Laboratory of the National Programme in Praha-Ruzyně.



Centre of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research
Department of Genetic Resources for Vegetables, Medicinal and Special Plants
Crop Research Institute
Šlechtitelů 29, 783 71 Olomouc

Contact persons:
Curator:      Dr. Irena Petrželová, Ph.D.
CRH for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research
Dept. of Genetic Resources for Vegetables, Medicinal and Special Plants
Crop Research Institute
Šlechtitelů 29, 783 71 Olomouc
Phone:      585208966
Mob.:       702087798

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