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Culture Collection of Dairy Microorganisms (MILCOM a.s. Tabor)


•    History
The Culture Collection of Diary Microorganisms (CCDM) Laktoflora® was established in 1965 as a gen-bank of bacteria, yeast and fungi for dairy research, agriculture, medicine and food processing.
•    Characterization of collection
Laktoflora® collection now maintains about 550 strains and 700 isolates of bacteria, yeast and fungi. The bacteria are represent by 540 isolates belong to 150 bacterial species. Multispecies isolates for dairy farming and food processing includes 172 cultures and represents special and unique part of collection.  The collection preserves 60 isolates of 20 species belong to ascomycetous yeast mainly. The fungal organisms are represented by 95 isolates of Penicillium camemberti, P. nalgiovense and P. roqueforti primarily.

•    Methods of culture maintenance
The isolates are deposited in lyophilized form, deep-frozen and/or cultured on media.  The collection is registered in WFCC No 878 belong to acronym CCDM. The operation and maintenance of the collection is funded by The Czech National Programme on Conservation and Utilisation of Plant genetic resources and Agrobiodiversity. The collection co-operates closely with Dairy Research Institute Ltd. on various research projects funded especially by The Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic and The Technological Agency of the Czech Republic. The important participants of project are other RTDs and SMEs as well.


The Laktoflora’s research is focused on the isolation of new strains, genetic and phenotypic identification, re-identification and characterization of bacterial, yeast and fungal strains. Prebiotic and probiotic effect of bacterial and fungal strains on human health is tested under laboratory conditions (for example production of biocines, assimilation of cholesterol, production of exopolysacharides, resistance to antibiotics) as well as in pilot operations (sourdough, milk products etc). The fundamentals of our collection are the inquiry of microorganisms and fungi, their maintenance, recovery as well as identification and re-identification based on biochemical, morphological and molecular/genetic methods. The service provided by the collection is in accord to the activity and equipment of the collection


Ing. Petr Roubal, CSc.
Miloslava Kavková, Ph.D. (curator)
Culture Collection of Dairy Microorganisms
Dairy Research Institute
Soběslavská 841
390 02 Tábor
Tel./Fax: 381 252 980
Mobil: 723679012

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