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  Collection of Animal Pathogenic Microorganisms (CAPM)

Information on collection

•    History
The Collection of Animal Pathogenic Microorganisms (CAPM) was founded in 1962. At present the CAPM is a part of the Department of Bacteriology at the Veterinary Research Institute in Brno.

•    Characterization of collection
The major activities of the CAPM involve acquisition, preservation and distribution of microorganisms - animal viruses and zoopathogenic bacteria useful for veterinary practice, applied microbiology and research. The CAPM holds more than 300 strains of viruses and almost 600 strains of bacteria which are listed in printed catalogues.

•    Activities, services
The main function of the CAPM is to collect, maintain, preserve and supply pure cultures of microorganisms. The CAPM accept for deposit viral and bacterial strains which are subject to patent applications on the national level.

•    Other services:
    Safe deposit of cultures
    Freeze-drying of cultures

•    Preservation
Cultures are preserved by freeze-drying or freezing in liquid nitrogen or kept at -80 °C.

•    System of quality

Laboratory works are carried out in compliance with the approved methodology (“Standard procedure for preservation, storing, characterization and documentation of genetic resources”), and the principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) are being observed in the workplace.

•    Membership       
The CAPM is a member of the World Federation for Culture Collections - WFCC , the European Culture Collections' Organisation - ECCO and the Federation of Czech and Slovak Culture Collections - FCCM .


•    Application of strains
Viral and bacterial strains are predominantly used for research, diagnostic and educational purposes. Besides agriculture, education and health care, they can be also employed in biotechnology and in industry.

•    Customers
CAPM cultures are supplied to laboratories, schools and educational institutions both in Czech Republic and other countries.


Veterinary Research Institute
Hudcova 70, 621 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Telephone            533 332 131
Fax            541 211 229

MVDr. Markéta Reichelová - Head, curator (bacteria)

Other staff:
Mgr. Hana Malenovská - curator (viruses)

Martina Válková - technician

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