Research Team 26 - Phytochemistry

Team Leader: Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Petr Tarkowski, Ph.D. (tarkowski(et)

Position and expertise: Lead Research Scientist - phytochemistry, analytical chemistry, plant hormones, plant-pathogen interactions.

Framework and objectives of this research team:
Development and application of methods for chemical analysis of low molecular weight substances isolated from plants, fungi, and bacteria. Development and application of molecular biological methods for identification, characterization, and monitoring disease in vegetables as well as medicinal and culinary plants (= LAKR). Preparing young graduates of Master’s and Doctor’s degrees.

Research activities:

  • Development and application of methods of chemical analysis of low molecular weight substances
    • Primarily development of chromatographic and electrophoretic methods for the study of primary and secondary metabolites of plants and medicinal mushrooms in the collection of genetic resources (Olomouc Workplace); also of bacteria (in collaboration with Ghent University).
    • Development of analytical methods for studying selected groups of plant hormones - cytokinins, strigolactones.
    • Profiling hydrolysable eugenol in plants of the genus Euphorbia.
  • Study of phytohormones
    • Studying the biosynthesis and perception of cytokinins in poplar (cloning, modeling, feeding experiments, tissue cultures).
    • Studying the mechanisms of the effects of selected bacteria on plant growth and development (focus on 2-methylthio-cytokinins).
    • Study of strigolactones, biosynthesis, and metabolism (molecular mechanism, redox transformations).
  • The study of diseases and pests of vegetables and LAKR
    • Monitoring diseases and pests of vegetables and LAKR.
    • Identification and characterization of plant pathogens.
  • Development of cultivation methods of selected macromycetes species
    • Developing a methodology for growing Morchella mushrooms.
  • Studying genetic diversity of selected genetic resources of vegetables and specialty crops
    • Development and optimization of methodology for identification of duplicate items of gene resources for selected types of vegetables using microsatellite markers.

Other team members:

RNDr. Přemysl Indrák, CSc.: Researcher, Deputy Team Leader - pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, analytical chemistry, and phytochemistry focusing on researching vegetables and specialty crops and their characterization; identifying their substantive components by analytical methods (HPLC / MS, GC / MS).

RNDr. Irena Petrželová, Ph.D.: Researcher - monitoring diseases and pests in vegetables and LAKR, chemical plant protection, description of new LAKR pathogens, maintaining the collection of horticulturally important fungi, cultivation of morels and selected medicinal mushroom species, preparation of grant projects focusing on the theme of phytopathology and herbal plant entomology for vegetables and LAKR.

Mgr. Michael Jemelková: Researcher - application of molecular biology with a focus on research vegetables and specialty crops, detection of gene resources duplication (Lactuca sp., Capsicum sp.), identification of new LAKR pathogens using molecular biological techniques, identification and characterization of selected Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes species.

Ing. Marie Nosálková: Researcher, Analytical Chemist - pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, analytical chemistry, phytochemistry research with a focus on vegetables and specialty crops and their characterization, identifying their substantive components by analytical methods (HPLC / MS, GC / MS).

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